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// This is a comment explaining the purpose of the following code block.
// It helps in understanding the functionality of the script.
// Comments are essential for readability and maintenance.

Comments are lines of text in a script that are not executed by the compiler. They are used to annotate the code for better understanding by developers, collaborators, and future maintainers. Comments can include explanations of script logic, TODOs, or any relevant information regarding the script's functionality or design.


# This is a note providing additional information about a specific dialogue.
# Notes are similar to comments but are intended for specific conversations or reminders.
# They are retained in the source file and can provide context for future modifications.

Notes serve a purpose similar to comments but are often more informal and targeted at specific discussions or reminders. They can include explanations, insights, or reminders for developers working on the scripts. Unlike comments, which are typically removed during compilation , notes are retained in the source file to provide ongoing context.